Offering a fresh take on the classic stripe-print shirt, this cropped version is further elevated with a wrap around yellow band that gently defines the waist. 
$ 282.43

In addition to your timeless pieces, a classic white shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe. This stylish and versatile piece is a staple that you can wear in any season and on any occasion. A white shirt completes your elegance at formal events and ensures your comfort in daily wear. You can maintain your elegance at all times with a white shirt that will enrich your style.

$ 261.68

Front ruffle blouse featuring a silky animal print fabric that creates a sense of elegance in simplicity. This special design emphasizes your style both in daily wear and at special moments, and attracts attention with its silky texture and elegant pattern. This blouse easily provides a stylish and attractive option for any occasion.

$ 396.05

Made from a soft silky fabric, this shirt is covered in a brown floral print and has tassels on the front. This special design combines comfort and elegance and offers a stylish style by reflecting the elegance of nature with its floral pattern.

$ 482.15

This stretchy rich silver-toned shirt is perfect for a perfect night out. Combining shine and elegance, this design offers a stylish option for a special invitation or evening event. You can make an unforgettable entrance with this shirt, while highlighting your elegance and style.


$ 268.59

In addition to your timeless pieces, a classic white shirt serves as a staple in any wardrobe. This white shirt offers the perfect balance between elegance and simplicity. You can wear it both in daily life and at special events. This white shirt, which you can use in harmony with other pieces in your wardrobe, will always help you look stylish and elegant.


$ 196.33

This renewed, cream-coloured shirt with a lace look achieves a magnificent integrity with the Ayen Skirt. Elegant lace details and soft color tones make this combination both romantic and stylish. With its colors and texture compatible with the Ayen Skirt, this combination can be used in a wide range of situations, from special events to daily life. Both pieces emphasize the elegance and originality of the wearer and complement your style in an original and eye-catching way.


$ 162.05

Made from soft silk fabric, this shirt offers an effortless look with a unique orange, blue and brown floral print. The texture and colorful pattern of the silk fabric make this design both comfortable and stylish. The harmony of orange, blue and brown tones is ideal for wear both during the day and at special events. While highlighting the elegance and style of the wearer, this shirt can be an indispensable part of your wardrobe as an original and eye-catching piece.


$ 214.32

This shirt, made of silk with classic gold buttons, creates an eye-catching look with its metallic finish. This elegant design stands out with its fine workmanship and high-quality silk fabric. Its gold color and metallic finish make this shirt ideal for wear at both special events and more formal occasions. Button details add a classic and stylish atmosphere and highlight the elegance and style of the wearer. This piece, which can be an indispensable item in your wardrobe, helps you make every combination eye-catching.

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Timeless baby blue striped shirt that never goes out of style featuring a white embroidered rudder. A versatile piece to complement your wardrobe staples.
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